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The American West Windmill and Solar Company
By Robert M. Durham

In late 1992, ESSEX Associates, Inc. closed, selling most of their inventory to APSCO, Inc. of Lubbock, Texas. APSCO was the largest FIASA customer in the United States, with distribution for windmills in Amarillo, Texas for over 14 years. This made APSCO, Inc. the perfect agent to resume the responsibility of importing and marketing FIASA windmills throughout most of the United States. In 1998, APSCO reached a marketing agreement with FIASA to market the FIASA windmill under the registered trade name American West Windmill and assumed marketing responsibility for all of North America. With over 25 years in business, APSCO, Inc. created a new division doing business as The American West Windmill Co., completely dedicated to providing quality windmills and components, backed by extended warranties, technical support and continued research and development of system components and installations to insure the overall efficiency of the windmill as a water pumping system. Thus today, one may still purchase the dominant 702 Model American West Windmill produced in Argentina, by FIASA, the world's largest manufacturer of windmills, quality checked and distributed by American West Windmill & Solar Co. of Amarillo, Texas and sold through ground water professionals throughout North America.

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