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Flexcon’s In-Well pressure tanks are the perfect way to eliminate the presence of well tanks from both indoor and outdoor spaces. Because this new type of tank is installed directly in the well pipe, space, noise, condensation, and freezing issues associated with regular well tanks are a thing of the past. Available in Stainless Steel and PVC, In-Well tanks are designed to fit in 4″, 5″, and 6″ wells for residential, farm, light commercial and industrial applications.

The "No Tank" water pressure tank was designed by In-Well Technologies to be installed directly into a 4, 5, or 6 inch well casing or larger, replacing conventional style tank installations. The "No Tank" began development in October 1997, and was put into production January 2001.

The "No Tank" removed the need for placing the pressure tank in the home, eliminating the irritating pump or tank noise, condensation, and exposed piping. The tank is installed below the frost line eliminating freeze-up on slab type installations. 
Flexcon Industries aquired In-Well Technologies in 2011

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We are the authorized dealer for WW Livestock Systems in our area.

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